I hope that you'll check out this blog: AMAZIMA

What this ONE woman does is flat out amazing. And just imagine, you, we, can help her make such a difference if we used the money spent on TV (spoken overdramatically.) Even ONE month! If you sent your cable bill for ONE MONTH - it would make an impact. Please read her blog to see how lives can be changed if we just act on what our hearts suggest.


October will mark the 1 Year Anniversary of disconnecting our cable! And here we are, 12 months later, and we've decided to help others accomplish the freedom that we now feel. I speak from FIRST HAND experience that it can be tough, not feel worth it, and at times you'll be tempted to give in to the first "great introductory deal" that you see... You won't do it though. Especially if you do it for the right reason(s) which we find are biblical.

For us it all started with reading Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. He does a phenomenal job of describing what was us , lukewarm Christians. Someone that was fine with being "Godly" enough. Doing what we thought made us a good Christian, AS COMPARED TO other Christians. And when we say "doing" or "being," We're not necessarily referring to works - but rather are we truly LIVING as Christ commands of us? So, we challenged ourselved to read through the Gospels, and what we read left us no choice. Our family was going to disconnect cable, and we didn't care if it was the middle of football season.

That decision has changed our lives. We are more involved as a family, both inside and outside the walls of our home. We've seen our focus change towards serving others, and thanks to the time not spent watching TV, and the dollars not spent paying for it, we are able to do much of what we have always wanted to... and we're just getting started!

From a "reality" perspective, it's definitely been a season of transition with learning what to do instead of watching cable. We won't deceive - we didn't stop watching TV 100%. In fact, we still watch a couple of shows a week, but we do so via the FREE "over the air" HD and Digital broadcast feed. Again, our decision to do this was NOT based on moral judgement or legalism. We wanted to see what would happen if we did this, and now (based on those results) we want to see what will happen if you'll make that commitment too!

Please feel free to contact us via email ( if you'd like to talk with us personally.

God Bless,

Keith and Shanna